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Difficult Bathing with Bar Soap

Bathing is an activity to clean the body that humans do every day. By bathing, humans have taken one health action.

People who are diligent in bathing look more radiant than those who are lazy to clean their bodies. But interestingly, there are facts that say people who rarely shower are smarter than the average person. I'm not sure about that statement, but it seems like supporting people who are lazy to clean their bodies.

I don't know where that thought came from, but for sure I read it on a well-known news portal last time. For people who are lazy to take a shower, this is like fresh air blowing into their bodies. Hearing it, they will immediately be happy and seem more confident to lazy take a shower.

But if you are a smart person, then you will know that bathing is a must. By taking a bath, we lead a healthy life. Bathing is a way to kill germs in the body.

Then what about me? Even though I know how important this bath is, I am a fairly lazy person. However, in matters of bathing I always insist on doing it even once a day.

But there are problems in bathing if I don't have liquid soap. I am a person who doesn't like bathing with bar soap. Even though on several occasions I used it, it was all forced because there was nothing else I could use. I really have trouble taking a shower using bar soap.

The bar soap was terrible. When it is wet, bar soap has mucus that is said to be a den of germs. Besides that, if you live in a boarding house, you can imagine other people using your bar soap. You never know what they did to your soap, and what they did before using that bar soap.

The best and safest way is to use liquid soap, it is safer even if used together with other people.

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  1. I think bar soap still needed until now . Great explanation and stay healthy

  2. I also prefer to shower with liquid soap instead of using bar soap. Bathing can remove all the dirt or germs from yesterday from our bodies.

  3. Bar soap tuh kurang cocok bagi orang2 yang kulitnya gampang kering Bang. Saya pribadi lebih suka sabun cair. Selain lebih gampang berbusa, dikulit cocok. Cuma ya memang harganya lebih mahal

  4. Hallo mas, terima kasih sudah mengingatkan hal baik, tentang kebersihan diri, apalagi dalam kondisi pandemi macam ini, kebersihan diri berdampak bagi orang sekitar yang kita cintai. Namun soal sabun secara pribadi saya lebih memilih sabun batang, alasannya sederhana kebiasaan lama dari kampung, namun soal sabun cair akan dicoba. salam sukses...

  5. Aku sering pakai sabun batangan. Sudah terbiasa sejak kecil sih dan itu asik2 aja hehehe. Tapi aku juga pakai sabun cair. Jadi ada 2 pilihan di kamar mandi :) Kalau buat traveling tentu bawa sabun cair supaya ga tumpah ke mana2. TFS ya.