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Being Unemployed is Painful

The first word that comes to thinking because you are unemployed is pain. Yes, sick is the word for people like us. Every day I experienced pain, ranging from emotional pain to physical pain. If you are like me, you must feel like a useless person.

How could you not, every day you only eat and sleep without providing meaningful income. The pain reaches the chest cavity through the heart and joints.

For me this is a very heavy burden of life. I really want to lift the burden of life. But until now I don't know which way is the right to improve my life. I don't know where to start. Every effort of mine always ran aground without success.

If you say I'm jealous of other people, that makes sense. I always dream like them, everyday. I want to make my family happy. I want to build my own family.

I am currently the most useless person in the family. Every day eating from the sweat of others. But I'm also grateful to have this family. I am very grateful to be born into such a wonderful family circle. I love them, I want to repay their every kindness.

However, I'm sure when the time comes, I will never forget and repay my family's affection.

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  1. Mas Intan, membaca tulisan ini saya jadi teringat pada pepatah lama, "tidak ada yang paling berharga selain keluarga".

    Mas Intan, bukan orang malas, buktinya mas Intan tahu bagaimana seharusnya menjadi bermanfaat untuk orang lain (baca: keluarga), cuma kesempatan saja yang tidak berpihak atau tepatnya belum ada. tetap berusaha tidak ada usaha yang sia - sia saudaraku, semangat...

  2. I think you just haven't been lucky enough to get a job. Believe me, the spirit to keep trying will find its way. Good luck!