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The Irresponsible Flower Waterer


At first I never thought, you keep watering the flower until it blooms brightly. Looks beautiful and full of charm. The flower sinks deeper and deeper by the fresh water that it doesn't know where she took it from.

Gradually the flower spreads its petals, slanting a smile asking to be plucked. I know it's really sedating and very tempting, but I doubt and fear that the tree will lose its beauty.

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She, who had been watering the flowers for a long time, did not hesitate to give more touches which made me even more helpless. I tried to contemplate the flower, and I asked to myself. Unfortunately it's a silly thing that can't never be answered. And finally I picking the flowers for her.

Flowers are colorful and I wish I could present them to her. However, she who always watered this flower suddenly disappeared. She forgetting all. The flower-filled garden then turned into a spooky wilderness. I was surprised, I asked, why like this?

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Time after time, day after day, the flower began to dry. No more new flowers bloom. No more watering. Everything is barren. I also felt thirsty and took a sip of cold mineral water, and said 'brengsek!' 

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  1. bungaaaa...dimanakah kau berada....rindu aku ingin jumpa...#lha si mbul malah nyanyi lagu katon bagaskara

    wah postingannya penuh dengan makna tersirat yang lumayan sulit untuk dimaknai...mungkinkah adminnya sedang patah hati?

    selamat datang kembali mas intan...semangat menulis lagi ya ☺

    1. oh...apa jangan jangan ini kali ya...bunganya itu kiasan dari blognya yang ditinggalkan penyiramnya yaitu mas intan hingga terbengkelai huhuhu...

      #sotoy ayam deh si mbul

    2. intaaaaan....sudibjo..kok ga nongol nongol?

      sehat-sehat kan mas ntan? 🤔

    3. alhamdulillah sehat, maafkan saya yg buat kamu merindu ea wkwkwk

  2. Wah kemanakah perginya penyiram bunga itu, apa mungkin tergoda sama Rongdo sebelah sehingga lupa menyiram bunga lagi? 😂

  3. Apakah cinta di hati telah pergi?

  4. Semoga penyiram bunga itu segera kembali ya mas Intan, jadi bunga2 yang mengering itu bisa bersemi lagi dan bermekaran lagi

  5. Bentar, masih cek google translate

  6. Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without sound. – Edwin Curran

  7. Haha, bunga needs air but NOT too much. Flowers are so wonderful to look at and wild ones are free for us to enjoy, we don't even water wild flowers, God does the job for us!!

  8. Emmm... Sepertinya kering karena si dia yang tiba-tiba pergi begitu saja.

  9. Ouch...
    I feel you

    Ever experience the similar one and I kinda regret
    and I kinda sorry too