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Every Day Has the Same Question, How

Wake up, wash your face, drink, eat, and so on until you sleep again. That's how everyday an unemployed person feels, feeling empty but still enjoying his life.

I looked desperate, but in my mind that hope never faded. Even though the question that comes up every day is the word 'How'. How to, how to, how do I get started. The question how about a different ending haunts me every day.

Every day I pray, how to live life the way you want. In fact it is almost impossible, it looks like we are required to follow the path that has been provided by God.

Could I be on the right path? or even been wrong all this time. What if I die, my wish cannot be completed. Or my duty as a servant of God, has many faults.

The questions that hurt my ears and thoughts have become flesh and blood that I can't possibly let go of. But gradually I got used to it, even though this feeling could not be fooled that every day I cried in my heart.

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  1. Mas Intan, usaha tidak akan menghianati hasil, tetap semangat dan konsisten, pasti ada jalan keluarnya. Semangat saudaraku...