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Games are My Life Too


I am grateful that I was born in such a sophisticated era, where to fill spare time is very easy. One of the things that might have been difficult for an introvert to do in the past is to enjoy games.

Now it's easy for people to fill their day with games. Indeed, games can be a bad thing for someone if you can't control them. But there are also many benefits in the game, such as helping to get rid of boredom, smoothing thoughts, increasing creativity, and much more.

Living in unemployment is a lot of free time. Sometimes confused about spending that much time. The presence of games certainly helps me fill the void.

Games have become a very important part of my life. Without the game life feels empty. Game is my life that I have to protect too. I can't get away from the game even if it's just one day, I can't help it.

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  1. Setuju mas Intan, game bisa mengusir rasa bosan dan melatih kreatifitas seseorang.