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Insomnia Becomes My Long Nights

The days of an unemployed person are indeed long. I really want to close my eyes, but thoughts are never in line with the eyes. That's what makes it hard for me to sleep every night.

I know very well the risks of staying up late. But it seems that this disease is indeed difficult to remove in my mind. I don't know any effective way to deal with this insomnia.

For some people insomnia may be a good thing, like for security guards who are required to be awake every work night. For me? Like any ordeal ever. Bad thoughts sometimes haunt you at night.

I've read some tips for overcoming insomnia, but it seems like it's useless. Some say that listening to music will help you fall asleep easily, but some people actually say that it is not good to hear music while sleeping. Which one is true?

In the midst of this anxiety, I began to create an epic fantasy story. A fantasy story that I really wanted to write. But I haven't got the right moment. Maybe one day I will write this fantasy story here.

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  1. Maybe you think of something so you can't sleep peacefully, bro..