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Pulling Out the Grass is My Job


There is a plot of land near my sister's house. There she planted quite a variety of crops. Starting from chilies, cassava, guava, and even star fruit there. Even though it was only a few meters wide, it was quite comforting for my father who was in his 70s.

In contrast to my father who is very good at things, like looking after the garden for example. I am a lazy person who always thinks twice about what to do. Even so, when I have stepped in I will do it seriously.

My father is no longer at my sister's house. He has returned to his home, which is different from our city. The garden is like losing a farmer. Grass began to flourish in the middle of the meager land.

The rainy season increases the rate of weeds in the small garden. With a voice full of hope, my sister asked me to clean the grass. Yes, I can't refuse. It is my duty in this house.

However, strong insomnia always disturbed my sleep which made me always wake up late. That's why I sometimes neglect not pulling out the grass in the morning. Why must it be morning? Because the afternoon here is very hot.

Pulling the grass is my job. Although I don't always do it every day, I enjoy this activity in my spare time.

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  1. Kehilangan seorang petani, diksinya mas Intan ini keren - keren, saya suka dengan pilihan kata yang digunakan sangat beragam. Indikator seorang pembelajar yang suka baca sepertinya.

    Oh ya soal mencabut rumput, apakah kebun (pekarangan) yang dimaksud dalam postingan ini, fotonya ada di halaman about me blog ini mas Intan?, kebetulan saya lihat halaman about me dari blog ini dan saya lihat wajah tampan mas Intan yang sedang cabut rumput....

    1. bukan mas, itu perkebunan milik pemerintah, punya kakak saya cuma sepetak kamar mandi saja xD