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The Black Crow Chapter 11: Rise of the Black Crow

Man in darkness

When princess from Coral Island surrendered, a miracle came where a brave young man embraced her tired body. The young man in dark green clothes with disheveled hair embraced her body to avoid the dozens of swords falling from above the sky. The princess opened her eyes in amazement, she did not expect her life to be saved.

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"What a shame, an old man dared to hurt a girl. Something I can't allow." said the young man who was none other than Lang. The woman was amazed after hearing his words, "So he's the one I've been looking for." said the girl to herself.

"Ahaa .. looks like my luck got the jackpot 777. Incredible." replied the man called the old man. "What do you mean 777, pale old man?" Lang continued after securing the swordswoman behind the tree. 

"A kid like you doesn't know this game haha .." Belo laughed. "It's not only your face that's annoying, apparently your words are annoying too." replied the young man who now carried a sword on his back.

"Ahh .. an impolite boy. I will tell you. You two are my biggest prey. I didn't think it will be this easy to get you two, hahaha .." the pale face laughed happily. "Sorry old man, that will never happen," Lang said as he drew a sword from his back. This sword was not the black sword he was used to.

"Then, show your abilities young man!" shouted Belo accompanied by continuous throws of sharp knives. Dozens of knives immediately hunted Lang's presence in front. But the black crow boy calmly blocked the blades with his sword.

The Thousand Knives looked surprised, he then welcomed Lang's attack that lunged forward by extending his knife like a sword. Belo's right hand blocked Lang's sword with his long knife, while his left hand had prepared a knife that stretched out to stab the young man's body. But his attempt failed, Lang used the sword frame on his left waist to repel the deadly stab.

The two fighters stepped back for a moment, "Barely young man, you're good enough. The fight has just begun." said Belo who now seemed to be using a double sword. He then lunged at his opponent while laughing, as if enjoying a fight without fear of death, making those who saw him shudder.

While Lang, who was serving the close combat, felt a terrible energy pressure. Even though Belo's attacks could be anticipated easily, his incessant attacks caused the black crow boy to have a hard time. Belo's attacks that were easily read by his opponent gradually started to loosen up. Both of them were both exhausted, sweat poured out, Lang gasped for breath.

"Huh .. I'm getting bored. Don't think you're going to win brat. I just want to have some fun before your deaths. Look carefully, I haven't dropped all my swords from the sky. You and that woman will die. Hahaha .." Belo said with a big laugh. Lang, who just realized this, his eyes widened, his face was full of panic with fear accompanied by Belo's scary laugh.

Amidst the horror, his hand that was holding the sword shook hysterically. At that moment, there was a voice that only Lang could hear. The voice called out his name, the louder the voice dragged Lang's thoughts into a room. There he saw a black sword stuck in. "Are you going to let that girl die with you? It's about time you used me."

Lang stepped towards the black sword, he then remembered the incident where the devil in the sword would devour him. Doubt and the desire to help someone get mixed up. Until finally he decided to use the sword he inherited from his family. With strong determination, full of confidence, he drew the sword that was stuck in the space of his mind with all his might.

Lang's eyes opened, he then drew a black sword hanging from his left waist. Instantly the world seemed pitch black, silent and everything moved slowly. The Black Crow heir then crushed all the swords that fell from above the sky. 

The thick darkness slowly faded, Belo, who initially laughed, now looks scared. Sukarsa's loyal followers were flabbergasted by Lang's different appearance. All parts of the young man's eyes turned pitch black. His body was also enveloped in a strong black flame aura.

Meanwhile, the girl hiding behind the tree was silent, seeing Lang so strong.

Belo, who felt the tremendous energy pressure from Lang, slowly stepped back. "Damn, why could this happen. He shouldn't have been able to awaken the style. Shit, shit, shit." he said to himself in a cold sweat. He then ran away scared. 

Lang, who had been silent for a moments, then released "Sword Style: Darkness Splits Silent", a black shadow resembling a slash out of a black sword chasing Belo until it split his body into two parts.

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But before long, Lang's body was getting weaker and he collapsed at that moment. The princess from Coral Island then approached him, trying to call his name, but Lang was still unconscious.

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  1. Wah... Jurus pamungkasnya mulai keluar nih.
    Makin seru uy.

  2. Wow, agresif banget ..., keren euyy.
    Tau-tau udah nongol seri yang sebelas .

    Itu kok ..., Lang sampai pingsan sih ?.
    Kecapekan kayaknya dia sibuk melancarkan aksi jurus - jurus sakti andalannya.

  3. Kenapa Lang bisa pingsan setelah mengalahkan Bello, Apakah Putri dari pulau Coral akan membatu Lang. Yang pingsan karena belum bisa menguasai pedang hitam..😊

  4. Keren bisa baca menggunakan banyak bahasa

  5. Pertarungan yang seru
    saya suka sekali membacanya
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  6. Seru nih ceritanya, aku sambil bayangin visualnya hehe

  7. Semoga Lang baik-baik saja, gak seru kalau buru-buru meninggal..

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    Lima menit kemudian~

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    Hmmm, kira kira kemana putri batu koral itu akan membawa Lang yang pingsan ya? Apakah ke klinik tong fang? Tunggu saja episode selanjutnya.😁

    1. iya mas sekarang pake translate lebih simple haha, cape juga nulis dua bahasa