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The Black Crow Episode 5: The Brother's Revenge


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Lang returned to the village where he last stopped with a rage of anger. He did not think that his past was so painful. Nobody has ever told a story like that before. It was the first time for him.

His footsteps stopped in the middle of the village. Lang realized that there was something unusual in this Durian Village. No one has shown their nose since he entered the village. Several houses were seen damaged, one or two trees fell, all doors were tightly closed.

In the questioning silence, someone finally appeared from above the house and jumped at Lang. "Gotcha!" he shouted. Its massive body two meters tall with a sword on its shoulders shook the footing. His grim face glared lustfully at Lang.

"I, Alasuta came to avenge my little brother who you killed." he said with an evil smile.

The young Crow looked confused, he was just silent with a question. Meanwhile, the big body looked displeased with Lang's expression which was only silent, "Don't just shut up you bastard!" shouted Alasuta as he slammed his large sword towards Lang.

This Black Crow boy showed quite good reflexes. The strike of the big bodied thug sword only hit the ground. "Not bad, young man!" Alasuta praised. 

Alasuta again launched a barrage of attacks towards Lang. Apparently, his big sword was able to destroy several houses of local residents. Lang was only able to dodge, his body which had not fully recovered so that he was unable to keep up with Alasuta's immense power.

"Disappointing, tch, that's all you can do Black Crow?" quipped Alasuta. He then returned to attack the Crow who was only able to dodge with a gasp of breath. "Show me your black sword, brat. Looks like the Black Crow clan will end here." chattered the big body, it seems he managed to provoke Lang's anger.

The young man's anger peaked, his black eyes gleaming, his hands ready to draw out the sword he had endured for a long time, "Dark!". Lang grabbed quickly towards Alasuta's head. "Tranggg" the sound of swords clashing, the thug managed to save his head in time.

Lang's sword technique slowly faded, the darkness that was caused began to disappear. Alasuta's big sword managed to hold Lang's sword thrust that was aimed at his head. The thug smiled and immediately threw a hard kick into Lang's chest as the darkness cleared.

The young man was thrown off, dripping blood on his lips. Keep trying to get up even though his body is shaking. "I am the brother of the ruler of the forest that you killed. So, I was the king of the forest before I gave it to my little brother. I can feel the footsteps of one kilometer. I can feel people entering my forest." said Alasuta.

"Your style is quite impressive, creating a temporary darkness that easily attacks the enemy. But it doesn't work for me. Because I can hear your movements. So there is no chance for you to win or run."

Alasuta create a formation ready to launch a devastating attack. Both of his hands held the sword that was propped up above his right shoulder. Meanwhile, Lang, who was cornered, tried to hold his body with his sword stuck to the ground. He was only able to open one eye while enduring the pain.

"Forest-splitting Sword Style, haa!" shouted Alasuta taking out his move to end Lang. However, just before his sword struck Lang's body, something quickly grabbed the young man's body. Alasuta's big sword only hit the ground until it split open dozens of meters.

The huge body failed to take the life of the last Black Crow boy. He then shouted loudly to vent his anger.

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  1. Action-drama! Quite fascinating.

  2. cerita apa ni ya...belum pernah tengok lagi..macam supernatural gitu yaa

    1. baca dari episode pertama biar paham story nya :)

  3. Wah kalah si Lang..

    Siapa yg menyelamatkan si Lang itu ya, kuharap dia seorang cewek cantik, hihi

  4. pedangnya sangat sakti sekali ya, sekali menyentuh tanah langsung terbelah, bisa jadi saingan rasengan naruto nih

  5. WOW, a really exciting story...thank you so much for sharing!
    And many thanks too, for your visit and kind comment.😊😊

  6. So glad to see you were interested in my post about migrants smugglers. Thanks for sharing your point of view and leaving a comment.



  7. laaaa mas dibjo...si lang ni ternyata masih bau kencur tah...takirain sudah usia ahhaha

    si alasuta kok bagaikan raksasa ya sampai 2 meter loh dan jadi penguasa hutan melebihi sang singa auuummm

    ooalahhh makin seru nih dari seri ke seri..makin ternampak pergulatan dan skill skill yang dipunyai ya..jurusnya madep mantep pulakkk

    salut karena inggrisnya pun oke oceeeh ahahhah

    1. iya mba si Lang masih noob

      kalo English pake google translate wkwkwk

  8. Oooh. This is such a tense story. Thank you.

  9. jelas ini berepisode tantu banyak ya ceritanya. Makin bagus karena sudah ada terjemahan bahasa Indonesianya

  10. Haaa !!!! ...
    *Eh, maaf ikutan teriak jadinya ..

    Hebat betul gemblengan ilmu Alasuta, ngga cuma trengginas skill dewa punya jurus - jurus maut, tapi .... jugaa ngga ada suara di setiap gerakan pamungkasnyaa ... !.

    Kalau Alasuta saat ini masih hidup, aku bakalan ikut latihan.
    Biar bisa punya ilmu sakti terbang sana terbang sini ..m, menghajar lawan kejahayan.
    Haaaaa ...aa!!!!

  11. Alusuta itu raja hutan, berarti saudaranya macan ya.��

    Wah kok Lang bisa kalah sih, biarpun habis cidera harusnya ia bisa mengeluarkan jurus sinar matahari atau dewa topan menggusur bangunan tanpa IMB untuk mengalahkan alusuta.

  12. the description of the duel is keren banget..who saved Lang? the old man? my wild guess..can't wait for the next episode..

  13. Terjawab, ternyata Alasuta adalah musuh lamanya sang pendekar. Dia ingin menuntut balas atas kematian adiknya. "Aku, Alasuta datang untuk membalaskan dendam adikku yang kau bunuh." katanya dengan senyum jahat.

    Lagian si lang ngapain si ke desa itu lagi hehehe...

    1. laper dia cari warung makan yang dulu pernah ia datengin wkwkwk