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The Black Crow Chapter 9: Blue Eyes

Blue eyes

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After killing Alasuta, two of General Sukarsa's men decided to return to the village to find lodging. The two men with fierce faces left some forest thugs who were confused because their boss was killed horribly. Some ran in fear, some were bowed down, there were also residents who became hostages trying to escape from there.

On the way, not yet to the village, Paturai the cold face stopped his steps, his hands wrapped in thick red cloth raised, "Second Spell: Fire Burst!", immediately his hand shot hot flames towards the tree until it exploded. Senta realized someone was stalking from behind, "Just out stalking insects!" he said.

Not long after that, a mysterious woman appeared with blue eyes in the middle of the night, "Ouch .. get caught." said the shoulder-length haired woman. "Tch .. looks you like a lost woman. We are willing to take you to the inn." said the bald head.

"Sorry, I'm not interested in bald men, plus wearing earrings. Your friend is quite handsome, but too cold, you are not my type at all." replied the woman. "Are you saying, I will never forgive people who call me bald!" growled Senta.

"Hold your emotions my best partner, that woman is not an ordinary person, she is a swordsman." said Paturai trying to calm down. "Fuck you, you're not my best partner anyway!" Senta replied emotionally as he lunged at the blue-eyed woman in front of him.

The bald man with the earrings launched some of his sword techniques at the blue-eyed woman. The two of them collided with sword attacks, both had equal speed. "Is that all the ability of the royal envoy who killed the king of the forest? Hah ... Disappointing." said the woman smiling.

"Insolent, I won't forgive!" shouted Senta while throwing two explosives at his enemy which made the ground tremble and billowed thick smoke. The figure of the woman then jumped from the thick puff of smoke, Paturai who was already on standby didn't want to waste that opportunity by launching a Second Spell attack.

However, the two men were really surprised when Paturai's attack only hit a clone made of water. Slowly the smoke from the explosion began to fade, it was seen that the woman was still standing up without the slightest flaw. "Who the hell is she, how can she be okay, she can clone too, damn it." Senta said to himself with cold sweat running down his forehead.

"Well now it's my turn to attack, Sword Style: Wave of Destruction Water" said the swordswoman, suddenly a wave of water as high as three meters crashed towards the enemy. Dozens of large trees collapsed by the big waves. "Hmm not bad, you all can survive from my attack."

"Damn, just a second late. Paturai, Third Spell: Wind Shield can luckily withstand this wave." muttered Senta. "Hoy strangers, we have no business from the start, I'll let you go." said the man with earrings. "Stupid, who said we have no business." replied the blue-eyed woman.

"Damn, Paturai give me a gap." whispered Senta a little annoyed that the negotiation failed. His friend nodded, "Fourth Spell: Rain of Fire!" said Paturai while pointing his hand towards the woman. A large number of round flames shot out, targeting the swordswoman. As the name of the incantation suggests, the flames repeatedly attack their prey, creating several powerful explosions.

Despite being showered with flames, the blue-eyed swordsman was able to dodge the attack easily. Meanwhile Senta, who disappeared from his enemy's sight, was fully concentrated in the darkness of the night. He finally realized that the woman's body was covered in a whirlpool that was able to protect against enemy attacks. Senta awaits the right moment when his enemy's defenses are weakened.

A few moments later, the woman's whirlpool thinned. Senta who was waiting for it immediately jumped into action, "Secret Style: Killing in Silence", his body darted towards the woman from behind. His sword stabbed straight into his opponent's back. But again he was shocked when he realized that what he had stabbed was a clone.

The blue-eyed woman suddenly came behind him, and threw a deep slash into Senta's back. Paturai who saw that from afar, shouted for his friend who collapsed by enemy's slash. In disbelief to see his friend fall, his anger flared up, he then drew his sword and said, "Second Unifying Spell: Raging Fire!", His sword turned red as if burning with flames. Immense energy overflowed from his body.

"Finally I can see your sword for the last time," Senta said to himself before closing his eyes.

Without thinking, Paturai immediately lunged at his enemy. The movement and slashing power of his sword also increased. Several trees that were cut by him immediately fell on fire. "I KILL YOU .. WOMAN !!" rampage Paturai. But his attacks, which were increasingly brutal, could still be countered by that woman.

Even though Paturai's speed and power increased, his body was burning, his skin turned red. The style devours his body until the user slowly weakens. 

"Your sword technique is great, but it can't hurt me yet. Your existence is very dangerous. I won't let the heir of the Black Sword die in your hands. Sword Style: Raging Earth Water" said the swordswoman followed by violent torrent of waters from underground targeting Paturai's feet. The man whose body was weakened was trying to jump up and down to avoid the spray of waters, "Shit!" said Paturai silently.

Paturai's concentration which is focused on the attack from the ground is exploited by the woman by releasing the Sword Style: Water Dragon, water resembling a large dragon directly hits Paturai who has taken a step.

The man was immediately helpless after receiving the Water Dragon's attack, lying with a gasping breath. His eyes were sad to see the woman approaching him. His body could not move, in his heart resigned to be killed right away. But the blue eyes only saw him for a moment and left him.

Almost half an hour after being defeated by the woman who defeated him. Paturai still can't move his limbs.

From afar, there were footsteps that were getting closer to him, a male figure appeared with a pale face and said, "You disappointed Lord Sukarsa." while throwing a sharp knife at Paturai's chest.

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  1. Wah keren euy, ceritanya dlm dua bahasa. Seru...
    Baca cerita ini mengingatkan aku sama buku cerita koping ho [cerita ttg dunia persilatan].

    Sekarang idah gak ada. Bahkan mungkin mas Dibjo gak nemu lg buku tsb

    Dulu msh kecil ketika aku curi2 baca milik kakak 😊

    Btw, aku mesti baca jg seri 1-8 y..

    1. dulu pernah ada blogger yang bahas koping ho juga sih.

      semoga terhibur

  2. Waahh setelah dikalahkan oleh simata biru Paturai didatangi seorang lelaki pucat....Apakah gurunya atau musuh lamanya yang mengambil kesempatan agar Paturai mudah untuk dibunuh..Apakah Paturai tewas hari itu juga..🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  3. Betapa malangnya Paturai :(
    Sudah kena hantaman jurus Naga Air, eeeh .. malah kena tambah ditancep pisau tajam.
    Menyedihkan ...

  4. all enemies down, come a mysterious blue-eyed female and a pale faced man..who are they? keren sih cerita ni..

  5. Nice story, but not well understand bahasa indonesia. Whats penguntit mean? Ooh..i see..stalking, right?

  6. Tentang si botak (wanita bisa jadi racun yang cukup mematikan, apalagi dihadapi dengan sikap emosional macam si botak), Cerita ini terbukti bahwa menghadapi segala sesuatu dengan emosi tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah melainkan tambah masalah.

    Pesannya jangan anggap remeh seorang wanita karena wanita bisa membuat langkahmu panjang dan bahagia tetapi bisa jadi hancur berantakan seperti dua pandekar penuh emosional dalam cerita ini...

    pesannya sangat menarik, terima kasih sobat.

    1. seperti itulah, tapi di samping itu memang si wanita lebih tinggi ilmunya

  7. Siapa wanita bermata biru yang mengalah dua pengawal itu ya, apa mungkin itu ratu duyung, soalnya kan matanya biru kayak cewek bule.😄