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Watch Anime as Marathon


As I mentioned in the previous article entitled Watch Anime or Play Games, anime is entertainment in the form of animation that is characteristic of Sakura Country. Ordinary people call it a cartoon.

This anime is actually an adaptation of manga, or so-called comics. If the manga only presents pictures that are affixed with writing to explain the story, then anime is the perfection. The pictures in anime are made like movies in general, the images are moving and also have sound.

It's just that, there is a very striking drawback in this anime, namely the manufacturing process. If the manga parses a fight with only a few pictures, in the anime it can take more than a dozen pictures. This means that the more movement you want to display, the more images you need.

Not only that, an anime sometimes presents an arc or story that doesn't exist in the manga it is adapting. This could be because the story in the manga has not been completed and cannot be adapted immediately. To fill in the blanks of the story, a "filler arc" usually created.

It is also reason why some famous manga that have previously been adapted to anime, have to wait for years to continue the sequel anime. Call it Singeki no Kyojin, which recently released its final season, and fans are also looking forward to coming back of Bleach anime in 2021.

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If you have or often watched anime, surely you know how long the program can be watched, which is around 20-24 minutes. This is also the reason why the Naruto anime program on private television is always repeated, because indeed from Japan it only presents a duration of about 20 minutes per week, very little time isn't it.

Watching anime made me be annoying as well as curious, annoyed because of the short viewing time and curious because of that too. Hence, watching anime is not enough with just one title.

For anime lovers, apart from watching more than one title, there is one more extreme way, namely watching as marathon. This means that you watch anime all at once from start to finish without waiting for episode each week.

I also sometimes do marathons like that when there is no more material to watch. Watching again the cartoon that aired on tv as a kid. While the latest anime episodes are now I save a few weeks.

How about you?

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  1. I've never seen anime. Would be fun to give it a try!

  2. For me, I often read manga rather than watch anime. Because the manga was updated earlier than the anime, even though the anime offers better visuals like Shingeki no Kyojin.

  3. I have never seen anime either...but it sounds great fun, so I'd like to give it a try.
    Many thanks for the introduction!😊😊


  4. selamat menonton dan selamat tahun baru ye, mas...

  5. Sudah lama nggak nonton Anime jadi kudet.😊😊

  6. anime yang masih dekat di hati doraemon, conan, hehehe
    conan ini masih seru aja meskipun kartun tetep aja aku kadang takut kalau nonton sendiri, kaget sama suara efeknya soalnya hahaha

  7. I couldn't agree more about Attack on Titan. That's why I used to wait for some moment to see if they've finished the series or not.