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Death of Sheikh Ali Jaber, Indonesian Muslim Grieves

Sheikh Ali Jaber

Three days ago, Indonesian Muslims were shocked by the news of the death of a famous figure, Sheikh Ali Jaber. Maybe this news can also shake the hearts of Muslims abroad who know him.

Sheikh Ali Jaber passed away on Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 08.30 WIB in a negative state of Covid-19 at YARSI Hospital, Cempaka Putih, Jakarta. Previously, he had been called positive for corona, but had recovered when he was declared dead.

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Sheikh Ali Jaber is a scholar who is greatly admired for his humble nature. No wonder if his death has hurting many people. Many scholars cried over the sad news.

There is one interesting thing that I heard, when he was still alive. As an Arab he came all the way to Indonesia, and a few years later he finally officially became an Indonesian citizen. This country seems to attract the bright lanterns of that distant land.

While on the other hand, many Indonesian people are competing to appear like Arabian. Maybe they also want to be an Arabian, ironic indeed. Just do it, as long as it doesn't disturb other people.

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Despite the diversity of Indonesian Muslims in the way they live their lives, the passing of the great cleric Sheikh Ali Jaber has knocked everyone to remember that death is real.

May he get bright light in the realm of the grave, be placed in a beautiful paradise, and of course hope that the family he has left will be given the strength to be strong.

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  1. Turut sedih juga, nanti tidak bisa melihat syekh Ali Jaber di hafidz Indonesia. Semoga mendapat tempat yang baik di akhirat nanti, amiiin.

  2. mudah mudahan dilapangkan kuburnya, diampuni segala dosa, dan diterima segala amal baiknya...alfatihah..

  3. saya masih tidak percaya sampai ke hari ni... ustaz sudah pergi meninggalkan kita semua... Alfatihah (dibaca)

  4. Replies
    1. bila hendak follo bisa manual lewat reading list di menu blogger

  5. It is so sad when you hear of yet another death from Covid, especially when it concerns someone who means so much to many people. I really do feel for you, and for his family members who are left to grieve...😢
    These are indeed tragic times...

  6. Saya kemaren liat IGTVnya ustadz Yusuf Mansyur dong, dan merinding, subhanallah..
    Baru kali itu liat keadaan jenazah dimasukan ke liang lahat, dan yang kita lihat adalah jenazah kesayangan banyak umat.

    Semoga Allah menempatkannya di tempat paling indah di sisi-Nya, aamiin