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Hell of Night when Power Outages

Hell is believed to be one of the final destinations of God's creatures. However, many creatures do not believe that. Hell and heaven are the most mysterious things in this world. No one knows this truth except those who have seen it for themselves.

As a religious human being, believing in something beyond reason is a foundation that must be fulfilled. Because in every religion has its own story about the power of God which cannot be possessed by humans. From there, human faith is tested.

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Speaking of religion, really I am not an expert of it. More, the matter of hell and heaven after death in the mortal world, is absolutely not something I can explain.

But, there is one hell that maybe you can imagine. If you read previous article (Should be Avoided During Power Outages at Night), maybe you can already guess what hell you can imagine.  That world hell is when the electricity goes out at night.

The dark atmosphere at night is enough to scare the children and hide in the armpits of their parents, hoping that the lights will come on soon. Several people panicked, rushing to find something to light. There are also those who break through dead traffic signs, the threat of accidents is also increasing.

But all of that is not the night hell I mean. The night disaster when power outages that I want to talk about is when you were at home. There is the real hell at night!

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First, if your house has a lot of mosquitoes, you have to turn on mosquito repellents. It would be bad if you didn't have a single anti-mosquito. Your body will become dinner for the sinless-faced mosquitoes.

Second, maybe you have thought about filling the long night without light by playing your cellphone. That's a big mistake! Using the phone in the dark for a long time can cause eye irritation. However, that's not a more serious problem. The real disaster is internet network is lost when the power goes out. Automatically you cannot open YouTube or other social media.

The third and final point is that you are forced to be silent in thousand languages. There's nothing you can do because all the electronics are down and power is limited. There are no friends to chat because you are alone at home and still single.

Oh .., one more i forget. You will very sweat in the house if the weather there is very dry. No electric fan to help you. Maybe your sweat will race against a fierce mosquitoes.

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  1. Paling sebel kalau banyak nyamuk. Mana takut, mana kebasin nyamuk.. Benar-benar neraka..

  2. wadidaw jadi makan malamnya si nyamuk...bener bener nyamuknya ganas betul ngejadiin mas intan makan malamnya haha...udah udah sini pasang AC ama aku aja mas biar nda keringetan, hahhahahaaa...#dasar mbul si tukang AC..

    emang posisi ada dimana sih mas ntan...kok kayaknya nyamuknya banyak betul...?

  3. Tidak bisa pakai kipas angin.. itu yang benar2 neraka, panas gerah, hihi..

  4. Kalau mati lampu malam secara mendadak selama tidak ada hujan angin mungkin masih bisa ditoleran...

    Repotnya itu kalau sudah malam mati lampu pula ditambah ada hujan badai pula....Jelas sudah bah sebuah neraka dalam kedinginan.😁😁

  5. I remember when I was little the lights power would go off and we would have to use candles instead.

  6. kalo gw ga akan bisa tidur kalo pake kipas, takut dingin :D

  7. I don't know is it just me or not, but i feel relaxed and calm when there is a power outage. It's a perfect time to relax my mind.

  8. We are so lucky here...haven't had a power cut for more than a year!
    But when I was a child, the village I lived in had overhead power cables that often broke down, due to weather erosion. I still remember those cuts with a shiver down my spine...I used to imagine all kinds of monsters were roaming around in the shadows!! 😂😂

    Have a great day...and stay safe, my friend🙏🙏🙏

    1. haha imagine about monsters, really childish


  9. Point ketiga adalah Anda dipaksa untuk diam dalam ribuan bahasa ..
    Hahaha .. itu mah 'makanan' keseharian malamku, masbroooo ..

  10. Memang kalau listrik mati.. udah kayak hidup di jaman purbakala tanpa penerangan terus ada nyamuk , kepanasan.. diam seribu basa .. lterus bayangin yang horor-horor.. berani nggak? Hehehe

  11. saya rasa semua orang punya pengalaman sama. bila blackout esp. waktu malam, yang diharapkan adalah angin malam tapi yang datang adalah nyamuk yang ganas laparkan darah hahahaha

  12. kampung pernah ngalamin mati lampu 3 hari full wih jadi kembali ke masa jaman dulu belajar pakai pelita bang, maaf bang baru berkunjung lagi pusing adsense di banned innity ditutup padahal belum diambil isinya

  13. Pas di Banda Aceh, aku ngalamin yg namany mati listrik bergilir . Seminggu itu bisa 5malam. Dan sekali mati bisa 7-8 jam. Kadang malam, kdg siang. Kalo udh malam memang sangaaaat nyebelin. Kalo siang, setidaknya sdg di kampus. Untungnya aku ngerasain ini cm 1.5 THN, dan mudian pindah ke Malaysia. Di sana 4 THN, sekalipun aku ga prnh ngalamin mati listrik.

    Sedih yaa, beberapa daerah Indonesia memang msh banyak yg ngalamin mati listrik begini. Di JKT sendiri jarang bangeeetttt. Setahun palingan cm 2x, itu pun paling lama 10 menit. Itu kalo daerah tempat aku tinggal yaa. Ga tau kalo Jakarta lainnya. Hrsnya sih sama.

    1. makanya semenjak jokowi jadi presiden, ia memfokuskan ke infrastruktur supaya kejadian yang mbakfanny alami tidak terulang lagi