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Long Time No Write, Once Writing is Not Long


Almost two months this online page was neglected. Someone asked, where is the poet? Something did not expect also that any someone who miss my writing. There are also those who accuse me of being nonsense, by calling me busy playing games. Ahh Bang Ancis went too far, how do you know?

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Actually it was wrong to say that I was busy playing games, but they was not wrong either. Because everyday I often open online games, but I never felt preoccupied with games. So what keeps me busy is not games.

If you feel busy with games, it means your life is less useful. Games are fun, entertaining, but everything is pseudo, you need something you can touch like love and food so you don't starve to death.

I myself am currently busy with uncertain times. I'm learning to manage time and understand you. But unfortunately I haven't found you until now. I don't know how long more to meet you. Maybe God has been brought us to meet, but I was not aware that I have been brought together.

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Oh you where are you? Lol

Sorry friends, the writing this time is not too good. Thank you for the support you always give. You guys really are my friends. Sorry if I haven't had time to stop by your page, let this miss continue to be unite. See you next time.

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  1. wah mas intan telah kembali...tapi mau pergi lagi???

    hehe..semoga kesibukannya di dunia nyata memang bermanfaat ya mas, game online atau game offline memang sejatinya cuma hiburan semu...yang tidak semu adalah 2 hal di atas yang telah dijabarkan itu

    mudah mudahan nanti jika sudah waktu lapang bisa menulis dengan lebih baik dan lebih indah lagi seperti biasanya 😊

  2. Stay well, I miss you posts. Playing online games does help to relax "tetapi jangan banyak OK. We are all going through uncertain times but we must be STRONG and we will get through it. "Dunia mesti kembali lagi."

  3. Jadi selama 2 bulan ini mas Intan sibuk dengan waktu, sibuk memahami seseorang yang belum ditemui juga, oh sungguh aku tak mengerti dengan semua ini hahahha

    Ditunggu postingan2 selanjutnya mas Intan

  4. Udah lama ngga ke sini eh ternyata yang punya blognya juga lagi sibuk.

  5. Don't worry, I feel you
    Makanya blog ku juga nggak update2 banget hahahaha

    Sekali-dua kali sebulan doang huhu

  6. sama bang, lagi males nulis ini, cuma masih seneng main main diblog

  7. Yang penting jangan terlalu panjang, kasihan ibu-ibu..

  8. Menulis itu memang sesuatu yang meng "aneh" kan ya kang, kadang-kadang bisa nulis 2-3 bahkan 5 artikel dalam satu sesi, tapi kadang dalam 1-2 bulan tidak satu pun artikel bisa kita tulis. Ini saya alami sendiri, kalau sedang tidak mood, nulis satu artikel saja gak kelar-kelar :D

    1. Setuju..Kadang kalo mood lagi baik, bisa produktif sekali. Tapi kadang kalo lagi ga ada mood,tulisan 1 pun ga jadi jadi ahahaa

  9. I love the title of this post. It sounds ...... funny. Recently, I have to work from home and have much time to write posts and do blogwalking. Thanks for sharing.