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The Black Crow Chapter 10: Hunted

Blue Sword

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One month after the deaths of Senta and Paturai, the blue-eyed swordswoman was designated as a fugitive who must be hunted by the Valley Kingdom. One hundred gold coins and a high award were a gift to anyone who was able to bring this woman, life or death.

This news spread throughout the island until many warriors came from outside just to hunt for the prize. This situation made it even worse, many swordsmen who held grudges with other swordsmen were brought together in one place. In addition, the greed and arrogance of each swordsman was difficult to control by both the palace and the residents.

This incident resulted in riots in various places. One of the battles took place at the southern foothills of the Valley Kingdom. Three men seemed overwhelmed by the girl who was wanted. The three hunters did not know each other at all, they argued more often than attacked their prey together. "You're just bothering me bitches of trash!" said one of the big men with an ax in hand.

"Tch .. weren't you the one bothering me, you bastard!" said another with a face full of scars. "You guys are useless, mediocre abilities want big rewards. Just dream haha." replied the last man whose hair was wrapped in a red cloth.

"You guys are just wasting my time. I will end this useless battle as soon as possible." said the blue eyed girl. The swordswoman then released Sword Style: Wave of Destruction Water which immediately dragged the three bounty hunters away.

As the water from the wave started to recede, a high-speed knife aimed at the woman. Although he was surprised, she managed to block the knife with her sword. Then, from afar someone appeared. "Extraordinary strength, a Coral Island princess is indeed great." said the man who had a pale face.

"Apparently you know me, I never thought it would be uncovered this fast." said the woman with shoulder-length blonde hair. "A must for me to know who my enemy is." replied the man who was subordinate to Sukarsa.

"Your death has been determined, I will pay for the failure of Senta and Paturai haha .." said the pale man with laughter. He then pointed his hand forward, immediately took out knives repeatedly at the princess. Sukarsa's men seemed to enjoy seeing the blue-eyed girl who could only jump and hide behind a tree to avoid the knife attack.

The pale-faced man didn't give his enemy a chance to strike back. He kept throwing the knives that came out of his palm. Some of the knives hit the girl's clone. "Oow .. you can make clones too huh. The legendary Sea Sword is great, well I'll take your sword too." he said. "Belo the Thousand Knives will get a rare sword haha .." laughing.

"So he is the strongest follower of Sukarsa, the Thousand Knives, sigh .. my energy was exhausted after fighting these thugs. I only had one last strike." muttered the woman. From behind the tree she concentrated all her energy, "Sword Style: Raging Earth Water !!" the woman shouted, followed by a violent torrent of water from the ground.

But unfortunately, the five jets of water targeting Belo's feet were easily avoided by him. He then smiled and said, "If the water with a diameter of one meter hit me, maybe it would be very troublesome hehe .. My clothes got soaked, I don't want to be cold, you know"

"Now it's my turn, gaze at this death, damn girl!" said Belo seriously. "Secret Style: Sword Rain", thousands of swords suddenly appeared in the sky. The helpless girl could only be stunned to see the thousands of swords above her head.

The Coral Island Princess then smiled as she closed her eyes.

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  1. Siapa yang akan jadi pemenangnya nih ...Apakah Belo atau si Wanita pedang air tersebut..😊😊

    Seru juga ceritanya setelah kematian paturai dan Senta.😊

  2. cerita yang menarik mas, sebetulnya ada suatu hikmah yang bksa di ambil dari ceriya ini, saling berebut hadiah boleh taoi jangan sampai bermusuhan apalagi saling membunuh :D

  3. Ketjeh si Belo gesit mengelak semburan air .., seneng ya bisa punya body segesit dia begitu.
    Tinggal sreeet loncat ... kalo tetiba ada ancaman.

    Mas Dibjo juga lincah, ya ?

  4. I really enjoyed this latest episode...many thanks for sharing!😊😊
    And I love the sword...

    Have a great day...and stay safe! 👍

    1. Saya juga sepertimu, YGraine.
      ... menyukai pedang.
      Sepertinya gagah sekali membawa pedang 😊

  5. Hay Mas Intan, apakah itu berarti si putri pedang mati karena serangan si Bela ataukah?

    Soalnya "Putri Pulau Karang kemudian tersenyum sambil menutup matanya".

    Tidak menjelaskan secara spesifik si putri pedang mati atau masih hidup karena kata tersenyum, tetapi menutup mata?

    Bagaimana mas Intan?

    1. lebih tepatnya dia pasrah pak, mati atau tidaknya ada di episode berikutnya

  6. Oh ternyata karena rebutan hadiah jadinya malah tidak kompak memburu wanita itu ya.

    Pulau karang berarti penghuni hebat ya, tapi ada lagi yang lebih hebat yaitu jagoan utamanya Lang. Kira kira Lang dan Belo kuatan mana ya? 🤔