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The Black Crow Chapter 2: The Last Heir

Black Crow

In the bush someone was watching a path in the forest. Waiting for someone to pass by, he was very focused with a sharp look in his eyes. 

The wait of about an hour finally paid off. His lips showed a small smile when he saw the prey had arrived. He then left his hiding place and headed into the forest, after he was sure that what he saw was a man in a bamboo hat.

The man in shabby green clothes with a bamboo hat was cleaning his teeth with a little wood. He casually continued to step into the dark forest, even though it was daytime. The deeper he went, he finally felt watched. However, her face with sharp eyes did not convey the slightest bit of fear.

The wanderer stopped walking, he removed the rope of his sword on the left of his waist. He then prepares by concentrating on his surroundings. Not long after, several forest thugs appeared. Instantly the wanderer was surrounded by forest thugs. 

At the very back of the siege, someone pointed to the bamboo hat wanderer with a slightly trembling body and said, "There he is, sir!". The young man with the hat realized that they were the people they had driven out of the food stall. But with their friends who numbered more. 

Knowing he was in danger, the wanderer immediately took his stance.

The most muscular man walked up to the wanderer and said, "I am the ruler of this forest, whoever opposes me will surely die. This is the death of you young man. Finish him!". The thugs immediately attack the man in the bamboo hat.

The wanderer seemed to have difficulty with so many thugs. Even though he managed to overcome a few people, the number of enemies was still huge.

The leader of the thugs shouted, "What are you doing? You really want to die? Draw your sword and fight us earnestly! Are you looking down on us? Huh!". The wanderer ignored what the thug boss said. The young man in shabby clothes tried to concentrate in the middle of his opponent's siege. His breath began to pant.

The young man fought without drawing his sword. He was getting overwhelmed until his hat was ripped off by the enemy's sword. The thug boss again taunted him, "Then your head will be split in two, hahaha!".

With a gasping breath the young man began to speak, "You force me to pull out this sword, you will never know what will happen if I pull this sword. Even myself was unable to master this sword. A sword that brings darkness, none has ever survived the horror of this sword. "

"He seriously said it sir, I still feel the horror!", said one of the thugs. "Then why are you still living stupid!" said the ruler of the forest. The leader of the thugs challenged him, "Pull out your sword, I don't need your useless babbling.".


The young man put up a stance, then drew his sword by saying, "Dark!". Instantly the atmosphere turned dark, there was not a single point of light. The thugs looked shocked and frightened because they couldn't see anything. Restless they wondered what had happened. But all in vain, the wanderer's sword ended their questioning in the dark.

The young man who looked exhausted then put his sword back on.

Meanwhile the leader of the thugs tried to get up but was helpless. "Who are you?" asked him. "You finished a dozen of my men with one strike, who are you?" he asked again while vomiting blood.

"I am the last Black Crow." said the young man.

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  1. nyimak cerita selanjutnya, sepertinya makin seru aja nih, pengembalanya ternyata mempunyai kekuatan istimewa

  2. Keren cerpennya tersedia 2 bahasa, bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris. Ini mah pantas dibukukan juga. Sukses selalu

  3. Jadi penasaran gimana sepak terjang selanjutnya si the next black crowd itu ...
    Mungkinkah lebih garang dari yang pertama.

    Hayoo, tanggung jawab ya, maaas ...
    udah bikin penasaran nih.
    Jadi, wajib dibikin kisah kelanjutannya, loh��

    1. Loh, emotnya kok munculnya anak taoge gitu ...

      Ya dah ganti emot yang lain.
      Nih dia ..

      ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ


    2. wkwkwk ga pasang emoji di sini mas.

      tunggu aja episode selanjutnya mas

    3. Sudah tau episode 3 nya yang seru tadi udah kebaca.

      Sengaja kukomentar ntar'an.
      Pengin datang bertamu di episode 2 ini dulu sambil balesin komentar

      [Langsung pakai emot ini aja]

  4. Wau si kobay kalah sama si pemuda pengembara, walau anak buahnya berlaksa-laksa, siapakah si pemuda pengembara itu? otw link rujukan barangkali di sana ada jawabannya...?

    1. rujukannya masih di kepala mas, belum dikeluarin smua ni

    2. Asiap mas Intan, menanti endingnya macam apa, semoga terjawab, "siapa si pemuda pengembara yang baik hati dan memiliki pedang ajaib itu".

    3. wkwkwk pedang ajaib, kayak cerita anak kecil saja mas, pedang sakti mas