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The Black Crow Chapter 13: Attacking


One day and one night passed, Lang and Selen finally arrived at their destination. After wading through the dark forests and thickets for a long time, they finally found many forms of life. They see many activities such as people farming, some are bringing something to the village.

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The two of them looked relaxed and continued to walk along the path leading to a dense settlement, where behind it was a quite magnificent palace. The closer they are to their destination, the more people they meet. Traders with various items, residents shopping, children running to play, there are also residents drying their rice.

However, the oddity began when the two young people entered the middle of the village which was also the center of the trade. People's eyes began to fall on them, cynical, wonder, and hateful. At that time, Lang accidentally stepped on a leaflet containing a notification that the friend beside him was a royal fugitive. He had expected this to happen, but both of them showed extraordinary composure.

Even though those people's eyes continued to glare at Lang and Selen, not one of them dared to bother. They only dared to look and followed the two young men a little until they reached the palace gate. 

It was only ten meters distance between Lang and Selen to the palace gate of the Valley Kingdom. Apparently that distance didn't make the guards falter, although they were a little surprised why the residents were crowding around.

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"Let me handle this part," said Selen then took a step forward. She then took out his sword which was navy blue, then she put it in front of his face and said, "Sword Style: Sea Punishment". Slowly, the ground around it wavered, then a huge continuous burst of water came out that resembled a tsunami as high as 20 meters.

"Drown!" said the swordswoman followed by the movement of the tsunami waves hitting the Valley Kingdom palace. The powerful waves of water hit everything in front of him. The powerful water destroyed almost every building in the palace. The soldiers screamed, running scared, though it was useless.

The tsunami from the Water Sword continued to roll up to the very back of the palace, namely Mount Valeria. Within seconds, the majestic palace immediately fell into disarray. The residents who looked behind Lang were speechless. Their eyes bulge, fear, worry, anger, goosebumps.

Some ran in fear, some just knelt in disbelief. There were also old people who teased the two young men while crying. However, their insults were unable to change Lang's resolve. 

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Before long, several soldiers came out of the walls of the collapsed palace. They looked soaked and tried to get up. These soldiers without hesitation stepped forward to block Selen and Lang. "Go on ahead, I'll take care of everything here." said the girl with blue eyes. "Don't die," Lang replied with a smile and then dashed into the ruined palace courtyard.

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  1. Saya jadi pembayangkan kayak di film apa ya kok saya lupa
    Saat air datang dari arah belakang
    Artikel yang top, bisa membangunkan imajinasi pembacanya

  2. Hebat juga yee pedang biru selen bisa buat istana runtuh karena badai Tsunami yang diciptakan dari pedangnya..😊😊

    Meski sebagian penduduk tahu bahwa Selen buronan kerajaan tetapi karena kedahsyatan pedang air miliknya mereka semua hanya bisa tercengang..

    Lalu mampukah Selen dan Lang menghadapi sisa2 prajurit kerajaan yang telah runtuh akibat pedang airnya..😊😊

    Kita tunggu kelanjutannya setelah pesan2 berikut ini..🤣🤣🤣

  3. Looks like an interesting story. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Orang tua yang menggoda dua pemuda itu sungguh terlalu e. Orang lagi panik dan dalam kondisi kritis eh malah dicandain. Itu bercanda apa ngelek ya hehehe, bagian ini bro "Ada juga orang tua yang menggoda kedua pemuda itu sambil menangis"...makin mengimajinasi saja karya - karya mas Intan ini, keren. Sukses selalu kang. salam

    1. sebenarnya itu lebih ke mencerca sih, mungkin google ngartiinnya agak keliru

  5. ini fiksi bikinan pribadi, ya? keren sekali fantasinya.

  6. mas coba bikin buku deh, atau udah bikin buku akunya belum tau hehe. soalnya sayang nih, bakat kayak gini nggak dapet profit. :D

  7. Pedang boleh keluar gelombang tsunami.

  8. Jadk pengin punya pedang seperti kepunyaan Selen .., bisa dahsyat begitu kemampuannya.

    Itu Selen pesan dimana ya waktu itu, kira-kira tau ngga ?

    1. Mas Hino Selen mesannya diLazada dengan sistim COD,an mau transfer takut barangnya nggak sampai..🤣🤣🤣

  9. epik story try to make a book with this story