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The Black Crow Chapter 12: Dream

Demon and sword

"Lang come here, sit beside your father," called a grown man to a young boy. "Father .." replied the boy a little surprised as he approached the person who claimed to be his father. Lang then sat next to the grown man, staring at the small bonfire, where the only one could be seen besides his father.

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"Dad, where is this?" asked the young man curiously. His father just smiled and said, "No matter where you are, dad is always with you. I know you're lonely, I know you're angry, but believe me if dad is always watching you."

Lang, could not help feeling sad until he shed tears which were then wiped by his father's hand. "My son is not an ordinary child, he is very strong," said the father, making Lang stop shedding tears. "Therefore, I entrust this legacy to you." continued the father while giving a familiar black sword.

The child then received the sword. But a few moments later after Lang grasped the sword, suddenly the atmosphere changed. The Black Crow's last lineage seemed to see a memory of the tragedy of his clan massacre. He saw people crying in fear, screaming hysterically, pain, anger, laughter from the killers, and other abominations.

Gradually, the memory came to haunt him even more. He was then dragged into a dimension he had seen during the fight against Belo the Thousand Knives. There, Lang met a large and terrifying demon, which was formed from a black aura, and said, "Hmm ... I never thought you will meet me sooner."

"It's not my will to meet you," said the black-eyed young man. "Oh .." said the devil. "This is my father's will, he entrusted you to me. I know, you are hatred, you are sadness, you are despair, no matter how much you hate, no matter how much sadness you are, I will bear it." said Lang.

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"Don't make me laugh stupid brat, who cares about your boasting." said the black devil. "Whatever your answer, if I have to lose my life, I will never disappoint what my father entrusted me." Lang replied.

"Very well, if that is your wish, young man. I will give all my abilities. I hope you can be better than your father and beyond your elders. But remember one thing, I will take your body if you die." the devil explained. "I understand," Lang replied as he woke up from a long dream.

Apparently old man Aranpana and his grandson Cira were waiting for his student to wake up. His face gleamed when he saw Lang wake up. "Thank God .. you finally realized. Again, Cira helped you, you owe a lot to my grandson." he said. "Thank you Cira," said Lang, smiling as he rubbed Cira's hair, the 8 year old boy blushed.

The Black Crow boy realized that there was someone other than Aranpana and Cira. He then looked to his left and saw a beautiful blonde girl with blue eyes. Lang just stunned trying to remember something. "I am Selen, thank you for saving me," the girl finally said with a sweet smile. "Ah .. I remember. Are you okay." asked the half lying man. "I'm fine," Selen replied. 

"Thank God," Lang added, smiling.

A few moments later, the gray haired old man invited Lang and Selen to have a meal together. They ate the food voraciously, especially Lang. Until the time passed, the people went into their respective bedrooms.

Hours quickly passed, Lang got up from his rest. In the silence of the early morning, he wore a black shirt with white patches on his shoulders and waist. Not to forget, he also sheathed a black sword on the left of his waist and another sword on his back. Not wanting to disturb the sleeping person, he slipped out slowly.

But he was shocked when he got to the front of the house, apparently someone had realized his actions. "I won't let you go alone," said Selen, who was waiting for Lang in front of the house. "You can stay here," replied the man.

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"I know where you're going, I just want to return the favor to you." the girl continued. "Okay, this time I can't protect you" Lang replied with a smile. "Don't underestimate me!" said Selen.

They then moved away from the house into the forest until their shadows disappeared into the dark. Meanwhile, Aranpana's old man from the window could only glare and say, "Be careful, you guys". 

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  1. wuihhh uda ada lanjutannya nih

    nyemakkk dulu saya

    oh saat tak sadarkan diri lang bermimpi bertemu ayahnya yang akhirnya mewariskan pedang keramat itu yang ternyata ada jelmaan iblisnya...dimana ia berpesan jika lang mati si iblis dari pedanglah yang akan mengambil nyawanya #e gitu ga sih

    hmmm kebayang kecantikan si selen wanita bermata biru yang kemudian ikut mengembara bersama lang ke hutan dan entah kemana lagi selanjutnya akan ada di episode depan :D

  2. WOW, I really enjoyed this episode!
    I like how the tension just builds and builds...and keeps you on the edge of your seat!!
    Many thanks for sharing...😊😊

    Have a great weekend! 🙏🙏

    Greetings from England!

    1. thanks, have a great weekend
      greetings from Indonesia

  3. Kira kira selen dan lang mau kemana ya? Apakah akan ke warung untuk makan dulu ataukah ke mall? 😆

    Berarti pedang hitam itu ada iblis di dalamnya ya?

    1. haha mau jalan-jalan mereka mas

      betul, ada iblisnya

  4. iblis yang besar dan menakutkan, yang terbentuk dari aura gelap yang ditemui Lang itu kalau di Indonesia, disebutnya genderuwo kali ya, mas ?.

    Whiiiii ..., aku jadi keingetan kejadian aneh di rumah nenek buyutku di desa.
    Kejadiannya sih dulu waktu aku masih SD dan pas aku liburan kesana

    1. haha aku ga pernah bayangin sosok genderuwo sih, yang pasti sosok iblis ini lebih ke sosok abstrak yang suliy dijelaskan

  5. Tidak begitu mengikuti cerita ini jadi tak tau hendak pergi ke mana Lang dan Selen. Hendak berpetualang kah atau mencari musuhnya?

  6. Dan Akhirnya Lang dan Selen kembali melanjutkan pengembaraannya melalui hutan...Dan kepergiannya juga diketahui oleh Aranpana..

    Seru juga kisahnya ok ditunggu kisah selanjutnya mas..😊😊