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Reasons for Twitter to Permanently Close Donald Trump's Account

Screenshoot Donald Trump account

Twitter finally permanently terminated the account of United States President Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on Friday. The social media company said in a tweet that it made the decision because of the risk of further incitement to violence.

The terminations included a ban that Trump could no longer access his account and his tweets and profile picture being removed. Trump previously had 88.7 million followers on Twitter before the termination of his account.

Quoted from CNBC, Saturday (9/1/2021), Trump is said to be using his personal Twitter account to incite supporters and even make personnel changes, before they can even make a press release.

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Previously, Trump first experienced a temporary ban from Facebook and Twitter on January 6 during riots on Capitol Hill as lawmakers continued the formalities of the Electoral College vote count.

Many lawmakers and even former members of the Trump administration have criticized him for encouraging his supporters to reject the election results and stage protests in the Capitol. Congress later reconfirmed Joe Biden's victory.

As the riots broke out, Trump tweeted a message encouraging nonviolence, but he later released a video message that also reiterated his unsubstantiated claim that the election was stolen from him and told rioters, "We love you."

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Twitter initially blocked some of Trump's tweets from public view on Wednesday and required him to remove them to regain access to his account. After deletion, he was locked out of his account for 12 hours. However, Twitter warned that future policy violations would result in the permanent termination of Trump's account.

In his first tweet after returning to Twitter on January 7, Trump posted a video message urging calm and giving the closest thing to a concession speech he has, saying there will be a transition to a new government.

After reviewing the news above, which I copied from the Kompas.com page, the news is also viral on YouTube. That actually the deletion of Mr Trump's account was because he did not want to accept defeat. Hopefully this will be a lesson for all Indonesian politicians, if you lose the election you have to accept it.

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  1. ternyata perpolitikan di negeri paman sam tak kalah panas ya mas intan

    terlebih setelah diumumkannya presiden baru...kemaren sempet nonton do berita sih yang rusuh di gedung pas kongres itu...serem juga karena jatuh korban

    tapi klo di twitter aku malah ga tahu ada berita ini...

  2. Yes, I watched the events on TV. It was shocking, and was inappropriate for a President to make such tweets without considering the possible consequences.
    However, I do think there are some people out there who will use any excuse for violent behaviour. Ultimately, the blame rests upon each individual who chose to take part in the violence. They are all human beings, with free will. I find it appalling that any sane person would choose to behave in that way.
    Has the world gone completely crazy??

    Have a good weekend...and stay safe, my friend!😊😊

    Greetings from England 🙏🙏

  3. Kemarin lihat di beranda, postingan si Mark soal statusnya Trump.. Mulai kasar dia atau gimana ya? Setres?

  4. wow baru ingat saya punya twitter setelah lihat post ini lama juga saya nggak ngetweet ternyata ada hal besar seperti ini ya

  5. I think that anyone who uses social media, whether he/she is President or just an ordinary citizen, should be responsible for what is written. With great power comes great responsibility, and he is NOT. Such a shame

  6. This is why I dont like anything about politics...
    Pusing, ribettt, pengennya sih semua itu berprasangka baik sama pemerintah.. yah ngurus negara kan bukan perkara mudah.

  7. Seharusnya sejak dulu aja di banned. Twitnya sering ngeprovokasi. Presiden koq gitu

  8. Ceuk saya mah kalau udah kalah ya kalah aja, ya mang, jangan berbuat macam-macam yang akhirnya merugikan diri sendiri.

    Kalau akun twitternya udah di tutup begini, gak bisa cuit-cuit lagi dong, siapa yang rugi coba?

  9. Kenapa akun Twitter nya dibanned sih, padahal bagus lho.😂

    Entah apa jadinya kalau mereka nya berhasil menguasai Amerika, bisa bisa nanti seperti film the purge, yang memperbolehkan berbuat apa saja termasuk pembunuhan pada satu malam.😱

  10. Iya aku setuju Twittwer menutup permanent akun si orang yang terkenal rasialis tsb.

  11. saya anggap hal ini cuma gimmick sahaja. tak pun, marketing strategy dr kedua2 pihak😆