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Facebook Android Updates Itself


Android has become the most fertile technology today. Its cutting edge capabilities are very supportive of the times. This device has sedated billions of people with its million tricks.

Young and old alike really admire this sophisticated device. Android as the name suggests is like a living robot that serves humans as its master. Technology that is able to support humans in various ways.

However, no matter how sophisticated the technology is, they are still only tool. Human support tools in living his life in the world. Objects that do not escape the threat of time and usage.

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Humans are indeed complex creatures. Various reactions emerged on the existence of this android. There are those who respond to this device only as a tool. Some see android as their life partner. There are even those also who deify that latest technology.

As an Android phone user, there are several things that make you lazy in this operating system. Although this is fairly commonplace, do updating is indeed quite boring and sometimes be forgotten. One update that is often missed is updating the application on the Google Playstore.

There are several reasons that make Android users lazy to update applications on the Playstore. Among them is a limited user data plan, this often happens to young people who still ask their parents for pocket money.

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In addition, there are also those who are lazy to open the Playstore. This group only uses cell phones as needed. Usually it happens to people who are clueless about information, so they don't dare to use their devices.

Even so, there are also those who update regularly but not to all applications. This group is smarter than the others. They tend to make updates on things that are prioritized or as needed. In doing so, we need to see a description of the updates offered before downloading it.

Usually the update description lists what updates have been made, such as adding features, bug fixes, or quality improvements. But in the case of the Facebook app, this social media often releases updates but vague. They rarely provide information about they updates.

"Information not provided by developer" is becoming a very tedious sentence on the Google Playstore. It's not just Facebook who likes to use that phrase, Google and other developers do it sometimes too.

However, what's interesting about the Facebook social media application is that its appearance changes all the time even though the user doesn't update. So, I concluded that Facebook Android updates itself is like some game applications that I have played, they updating when played.

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  1. Iya ya bikin males kalau bentar2 muncul notif buat update aplikasi .., bikin boros data saja.

  2. aku uda ga pernah buka fb lagi...tapi memang denger denger tampilannya berubah..agak keder aku pas nyoba login...trus abis itu ga pernah kubuka buka lagi...uda agak males mainan fb, sosmed aja aku cuma buka blog doang, yang lainnya ga mainan... ga sempet atau terlanjur malas :D

  3. Di PlayStore biasanya ada pengaturan mau update auto atau manual, kalau saya pilih manual, update yg perlu2 saja.

    Khusus app fb saya pakai yg lite, ringan sekitar 7mb.

    Iya sih rata2 app tidak jelas apa yg diupdate, cuma sering tertulis "perbaikan bugs, peningkatan performa", tapi ada juga yg update cuma sebagian saja, semisal fb lite 7mb kdg2 saat update cuma 4mb aja.

    Kalau di hp ku yg auto update itu PlayStore, ini yg menyebalkan, update terus dgn sendirinya tak bisa dicegah, tak bisa dibatalkan, parahnya pas separoh dunlud saat sinyal lelet dia akan dunlud ulang dari awal, beuuuh nyebelin gak tuh.

  4. Meski jarang kadang aku masih buka facebook ..sekarang sudah nggak pernah update status.. hanya sekedar share artikel blog ku saja..
    Biar bagaimanapun facebook adalah sosmed pertama yang mempertemukan kita dengan teman-teman masa kecil dulu, saudara yang lama nggak ada kontak.dsb.
    Kita patut mengapresiasi facebook sebagai sosmed yang berjasa mengumpulkan orang-orang di masa lalu.

  5. wah bisa gitu ya kang kalau hp kentang ampun deh

  6. Hoo.. kalo saya buka facebook tidak pake aplikasi sih, pake nya chrome saja hehe

  7. Saya hanya mengupdate beberapa aplikasi yang dirasa benar-benar penting aja mang, selebihnya saya abaikan mengingat keterbatasan memory/RAM Handphone.

    1. penggunaan aplikasi memang harus sesuai dengan batasan RAM nya