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Modern Cats, When Cat Nails Are Just A Display

Cat Nails

Hairy, has mustache, fangs, and sharp nails, you know what that is? This creature is much liked but also sometimes shunned and even dumped. Animals that are often pets are very easy to find on the streets.

They are cheap but some are not cheap, even the cost of food equal to one human family cost. However, some people call this animal a noble animal, loved by the prophet, but also annoying.

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You may like a cat because its fur is smooth, soft, the color is beautiful, of course adorable. But you can also dislike them for their eating are fussy, bad poop habits, their feet soiling the house, their fur that can make you sneeze, and one thing you shouldn't miss is their useless sharp nails.

Actually cat nails are very useful if used on the right object. How not, every day they sharpen their nails. A number of victims by cat nails are also common, such as on wood, sofas, motorcycle seats, and of course it really pierces the heart of the property owner.

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But over the times, the world has changed, modern cats consider their nails just a fashion maybe just a display.

Sharp nails capable of injuring other animals and even humans have become useless in this day and age. This phenomenon is also exacerbated by the number of cat keepers who diligently trim their cat's nails. Just as a tiger loses its fangs, then a cat loses its claws.

I welcome you to a world where cats are frightened at the sight of mice.

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  1. Bila saya masih kecil, saya memelihara satu kucing "tortise shell" bernama Tammy. I think cats are very intelligent animals but they can be arrogant unlike dogs who adore their owners!

  2. Kasian ya. Kuku yang seharusnya digunakan untuk mencari mangsa/berburu, lantas dipotong. Bukankah itu kekerasan terhadap hewan? terima sore, ananda Sudijo. Salam jumpa lagi.

    1. salam jumpa bunda, nampaknya bukan kekerasan bun, toh kucingnya aja menikmati wkwkwk

  3. Sayangnya kucing saya sejak kahwin sama meow tetangga terus tak balik rumah saya lagi hmmm haha

    1. haha seperti itu lah kucing, kalo ada yg lebih menguntungkan dia akan pergi ninggalin majikan yg lama

  4. Sekarang memang kucing malah takut lihat tikus, sungguh nyebelin.🤣

    Wah benar tuh, jok motor saja rusak gara gara buat latihan cakar kucing 😂

  5. agak ngeri ngebayangin kalau kucing dipotong kukunya...apa nda sakit ya mas intan?

    kalau ada kucing aku pengen piara aku kuwel kuwel aku elus elus aku shampoin biar bulunya wangi gitu hahhahahha

  6. Aku termasuk yg ga suka kucing mas, takut lebih tepatnya, boro2 mau elus2, ada kucing masuk rumah aja aku langsung triak hahah, malah anakku yg seneng bgt, he shared his food with them.