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How to Play Crypto Money? Bitcoin and Friends


Indonesia universe was shocked by the phenomenon of crypto money where a young man managed to sell his selfies for millions of rupiah. Even the assets can reach billions of rupiah.

This man named Ghozali, who successfully sold his photos in the form of NFT (Non Fungible Token), a digital asset that can be traded with cryptocurrencies such as ethereum.

This surprising incident no doubt made everyone curious. Why can a selfie photo be valued at millions of rupiah? What is crypto money? What is ethereum, bitcoin? How does it work? And there are many more questions that will come out when discussing this cryptocurrency.

However, here I do not intend to answer all the questions that are more or less absurd. Answering this one question just will result in another question. Therefore, this time I just want to tell you, how to play crypto money.

It should be underlined that playing does not mean working, so I will only share pure how to play crypto money. Even if later this playing activity gives you an advantage, still this is just for play and think of it as additional sustenance.

Why is that, because if you are thinking of working or earning money from the cryptocurrency business, then you have to be prepared with the risks, you have to be physically and mentally prepared, you have to focus, because one little mistake will make you lose.

To start playing crypto money you must have a wallet, a digital wallet that will store your crypto money on the internet. You can get the wallet on the Indodax site, besides you can create wallets of various types of crypto currencies, there you can also cash out the digital assets directly.

The second step, find a playground for your crazy imagination. Of course not really crazy huh. One site that can be recommended is Coinlean. There, you can get various kinds of crypto currency fractions such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, etc.

If you still don't understand or have difficulty and are curious about this bitcoin discussion, you can write it in the comments column. If the explanation is long enough, maybe I will write about it in the next article. Hope it is useful.

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  1. Setuju sih, jangan jadikan bekerja, tapi bermain, karena resikonya cukup besar.

  2. Yes, I read about that young man and saw his photo in the papers too. Even he himself was surprised. I am seeing more and more of my friends going into this bitcoin mining. The start up is expensive, I am not so sure of the returns

  3. He's just a lucky man.
    I've tried making transaction on Tokocrypto, just curious. After that I left, because playing crypto wasn't enough to make a living. It's okay if you just using extra money.