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The Black Crow Chapter 14: Lightning Ax


After breaking through the gates of the crumbling Valley Kingdom palace, the young man named Lang continued to advance inside. His shiny black eyes hinted at his determined. No matter how many troops got in his way he continued to move forward. The palace guards were like cotton in the wind, scattering aimlessly.

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After going deep enough, Lang arrived at the noble house area. On the left and right, there were ruins caused by the big waves. Some people were seen fainted, some were pinned by buildings to death. The Black Crow boy continued on without the slightest hesitation.

He walked in the middle of the rubble for a long time enough, until finally he saw a light like lightning ripping from inside the collapsed wall and then targeted him. Luckily the unexpected attack was successfully avoided by Lang. His eyes immediately focused on the origin of the lightning. His right hand was ready to hold the sword on his back and prepared a stance.

"Brukkk" a giant wall collapsed, a large man in tattered royal clothes carrying an ax as big as his chest on his shoulders, came out of the rubble. "How disrespectful, disturbing a soldier chief at lunchtime, I'll never forgive you. You have to pay for every meal you've spilled." said the muscular man as he smoothed his soaked cropped hair.

"Sorry for your wasted food," said Lang. "Sorry is not enough, you deserve to be punished!" replied the soldier chief who kept walking towards Lang slowly. "I, soldier chief Timo the Lightning Ax, will punish you!" he shouted, followed by an ax hitting the ground. Again Lang managed to avoid the surprise attack.

Not finished yet, Timo continued to attack the 16 year old boy. The swing of his ax was able to cut split the thick wall debris. Meanwhile Lang, even though he looked cornered, his speed was able to overcome every attacks from soldier chief of Valley Kingdom. Timo's attacks seemed useless, not one hit the Black Crow boy.

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"Damn you kid! It's such a shame I have to put this style on a small child, tch." said Timo. The muscular man then took off his wet clothes. "I'll show you the strength of a soldier chief, how dare you disturb my lunch. Sixth Unification Spell: Lightning Strike!" said Timo loudly.

Timo's muscular body slowly sprinkled small lightning which gradually enveloped his body. Meanwhile, his ax sprinkled a strong current of lightning. The spiritual energy of a commander in charge of a hundred soldiers suddenly became even stronger. "Get ready, young man!"

Timo, who Lang didn't expect, suddenly lunged. His speed increases, his muscles stick out indicating his strength has also increased. The impact of his ax was now able to turn the walls of the building into pulp. Every now and then this Timo mainstay weapon releases a lightning strike that can burn anything that hits it.

Increasing the ability of his enemy made Lang a little difficult. He was only able to dodge, run and jump. He realized the great danger if he was hit by Timo's attack. "Are you only able to run around brat? Tch, how embarrassing. I thought the Black Crow heir was great. Did you really kill Belo? Come on. Looks like your clan will end up here." said Timo.

"Someone once said my clan will end, but now he's dead. So are you." replied the boy Black Crow with a sharp gaze. Without hesitation he then launched an attack with his sword. His slash clashed with the lightning ax. His sword technique combined with Steps of Light allowed his movements to keep up with Timo's speed.

However, the clash of the two weapons was not balanced. Timo's lightning ax was superior to Lang's sword. The long sharp weapon given by Aranpana was seen cracked in several parts. "Steps of Light huh, long time no see. The last time I saw the prowess of that technique was eight years ago. Even though you can match my speed, your sword will not be able to match my lightning ax." said soldier chief.

"So, die!!" shouted Timo as he lunged at Lang with full force. The lightning burning on the ax was brighter than usual. "Trenk" the sound of swords clashing which was followed by the breaking of the sharp object. The lightning ax managed to cut Lang's sword. Surprised, the young man stunned for a moments. "I already said it right. Take out your Black Sword, is it just a display. Show me! Don't underestimate me!" said Timo loudly.

"You don't want to see it at all. But if you insist, I'll show you. Think of it for paying some wasted food." Lang said. The young man who had been stunned then turned to his enemy. He adjusted his stance, his left hand holding the sword shell at his hip while his right hand gripping the handle. His eyes sharpened ready to pounce on prey, "Sword Style: Dark Stab" Lang said, followed by the movement of his hand that drew the sword. Merged into the black shadow, Lang stabbed Timo's heart.

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The Valley Kingdom commander was unable to dodge and dispel. The black shadow of the Black Crow boy style could not be seen by his eyes. Timo fell down with a deep scar on his chest. 

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