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The Black Crow Chapter 15: Spell Master


"Dark Stab, a style that allows the user to penetrate anything while the blade keeps hitting the opponent. Terrible technique." said a woman who suddenly appeared when Timo collapsed helplessly. "Who are you, how do you know this style?" asked the young man who succeeded in overthrowing a large man.

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"I am Mona Lott, a Spell Master, I have the ability to analyze any magic power." replied the woman. "Hmm .. I never thought you would go this far. My weak king even let this rebel live longer. A truly fatal mistake. In the end I also have to overcome it." she continued.

"Didn't you guys make up the rebellious story. You deserve to be repay." Lang said growled. "How naive, no matter how strong you will never be able to beat me." said Mona who then issued a Fourth Spell: Rain of Fire. Dozens of fireballs as big as coconuts scattered across the sky and were freefalling towards Lang.

However, before hitting the shocked Lang, a whirlpool that was quite large managed to ward off all of the attacks. "Yes, I came on time." said a girl who suddenly appeared behind the Black Crow boy. "Ahh .. Though I could easily dodge." replied the man who owned the Black Sword. "Still acting so strong, fuhh" said Selen.

"Oww .. that big water must be from the legendary sword, the Water Sword, also known as the Sea Sword and Blue Sword. Even so, your arrival didn't change anything." explained Mona. "An old woman who has a lot of knowledge, is indeed extraordinary," said Selen.

"What are you saying? Old woman? !!" said Mona angrily and she clenched her hands. Its body gave off a strong green aura, as if it was about to go on a rampage. "Go Lang, let me face it" said Selen to her male friend.

"I won't just let you go! Ninth Spell: Giant Fire Fist!" shouted Mona while releasing a fire in the shape of a giant hand towards Lang who was running away. However, with a similar water style like Giant Fire Fist, Selen managed to dispel the deadly fire.

"What?!!" the lady royal official was dumbfounded. He didn't expect his attack to be dispelled so easily. "Don't be happy just yet. You really look down on me, letting your friend go. You think you can beat me alone?" said the spell user.

"Why not?" Selen replied with a smile which then released the Sword Style: Wave of Destructive Water. "A weak style like that won't scare me. Third Spell: Wind Shield." said Mona. The waves of water from the blue eyed girl were unable to break through the defenses of the Wind Shield.

"How about this. Sword Style: Water Dragon!" shouted Selen, releasing a more powerful style. "Not enough!!" The royal woman didn't want to be outdone either, she released the Fifth Spell: Earth Wall. The defense which was made of hard earth tried to resist the impact of the Water Dragon style.

Meanwhile Lang, who continued to run deeper into the Valley Kingdom palace, looked worried thinking about his friend, "Don't die, Selen!" he said in heart.

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Slowly the awkwardness appeared, a thick fog greeted the boy's arrival in front of the building that seemed to be where the royal officials were gathered. After that, there was someone's footsteps from inside the room who then said, "Welcome to the Valley Kingdom." The teeth of the man's evil smile were clearly visible.

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  1. Saya suka dengan jenis jurus-jurusnya
    Saya kalau lagi main sama anak kecil suka bergaya seperti itu
    Main jurus dengan nama yang unik, ya kayak mirip-mirip di film-film itulah

  2. Oh, wouww ...
    Gambarnya bikin hati jadi [tambah) semangat berhalu jadi salah satu jagoan!.
    Jagoan kayak si Lang, loh ..., buka jagoan neon


    Baidewei, episode ke 15 ini storynya makin heboh.
    Apakah akan ada seri sampai ke 20 ?.
    Kok, kenapa aku jadi kepo begini ya ... , hmm

    1. sebenarnya saya sudah memetakan endingnya sampe episode 12, tapi setelah saya cermati kalo kebanyakan timeskip malah ceritanya kabur. mungkin satu atau dua episode lagi

  3. Jurus.. Saya ingat jurus yang diajarkan mendiang Eyang pada saya.. namanya Membuka Jendela Memanah Rembulan... ada yang konyol, Si Kunyuk Melempar Buah, hehehee..

    BTW, menarik juga kisah cerita ini..

  4. Mi sono persa tutti gli altri episodi e non sono in grado di commentare il post ma ti lascio un saluto di cuore. Buona giornata.

  5. Sepertinya Mona mendapatkan lawan yang seimbang yakni si Selen yang mempunyai pedang pusaka pedang air atau pedang biru atau pedang laut.

  6. Seru mantap mas!! Cocok ente nih bikin cerita tentang pendekar.😊😊

    Mungkinkah Selen bisa mengalahkan Mona...Dan apakah Selen bisa menemui Lang yang kini sudah memasuki kedalam sebuah kerajaan dan bertemu seseorang yang ingin berbuat sesuatu terhadap dirinya..😊😊

  7. Saat selen melepaskan jurus pedang naga air, terbayang gayanya pasti keren bangets, saya jadi ingat waktu kecil mang, maen pedang-pedangan pake pelepah pisang, cukup menghayati dan kadang terlalu serius 😁

  8. Very interesting. Mona sounds like a strong character.

  9. Variasi jurusnya beragam juga.
    Andai bisa diilustrasikan, pasti mantep nih.

    1. saya ga pandai menggambar, kalo bisa udah saya buatkan mas

  10. Kak ayat begini tiba-tiba teringat anime Moana -
    Dozens of fireballs as big as coconuts-
    Yang mereka lawan coconut comel tu.

    1. haha tapi kan maksudnya itu bola api sebesar kelapa

  11. Kalo baca jurus jurusnya jadi ingat dengan film silat China, tapi namanya dicampur dengan bahasa Inggris jadinya berbeda.

    Kira kira siapa yang akan menang? Apakah selen ataukah Mona ya? Mungkinkah Mona akan kalah dan disihir jadi lukisan Monalisa? 😆

  12. my favorite genre is martial art but sometimes I like to dream about that so I stop to read aboout that