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The Black Crow Chapter 16: Killer Shadows

Shadows killer

The owner of the Black Sword was stunned when he realized that he had fallen into the enemy's trap. His vision was blocked by a thick fog, all that was visible was gray and an indistinct human figure was in the distance. "Finally you came to me yourself, now I no longer need to chase you." said the man behind the fog.

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"Who are you, why keep chasing me?" Lang asked as he drew his sword. "I don't need to explain something to a person who will die. But I was quite amazed when you drew your sword. There was no raging energy pressure, it means you have mastered the sword enough." the mysterious figure explained. "Even so, your steps are quite up to here." he continued with a smile.

"Nobody knows what will happen next, and you have no right to determine it. I will beat anyone who gets in my way," Lang said confidently. "Don't be arrogant young man! I'll take that Black Sword, then I'll rule this Central Island!" tantrum the mysterious man. "Enjoy my banquet, Fog Style: Killer Shadows"

After releasing his style, the mysterious figure then blended into the mist until he was invisible. After that, ten human-like dark shadows appeared which unconsciously has locked down position of the man wore black shirt with white patches on his waist and shoulders.

The black human-shaped shadows carried a sword in their right hand. Meanwhile Lang position was not good, he tried to remain calm. Then, he took out a little energy from the Black Sword so that the enemy's movements seemed slower. 

The ten shadows started attacking the young man like human. Each of his movements was like a real swordsman, their sword was so real that he almost injured Lang. Not only that, the problem gets even more serious when the shadows in the fog can't be defeated. No matter how many times Lang tried to kill them, the human-like shadows always reappeared after being killed for a while. This makes the shadows always amounted to ten.

The endless battles drained Lang's stamina and spiritual energy. He then jumped far back to make a plan. He then remembered his grandfather's words "Every swordsman has instincts, and we are the best". He closed his eyes, concentrated his energy and thoughts in his head, felt the surrounding environment, sorted out every energy around him until finally he found an energy that was hiding behind the building.

At the same time, the killer shadows ran towards Lang. Shortly before releasing their slash, the Black Crow boy first released Sword Style: Darkness Splits Silent which released a black slash scouring the ground dashing towards the hiding figure.

In an instant the mist along with ten black shadows disappeared like being blown awaybby wind. And in front of Lang, it was clear that a large building enough was split in two. Near that collapsed building, a man who was none other than General Sukarsa, was seen bleeding because his right arm was cut off.

"Insolent! How dare you cut my arm! I'll end this fight soon." shouted the royal official to Lang who was still pointing his sword forward. Sukarsa, who his right shoulder shedding blood, continued to walk towards his opponent while displacing his long sword that was rubbing against the ground.

"This is a style given by my master, no one has ever survived this style. Secret Style: Killer Soul Bond," said the man who was unstable walk.

Lang who was from afar, saw Sukarsa's figure as if dividing himself, making her clones slowly until numbering five. "Is this the same skill? No, this clones has same energy points. It's different from the shadows that don't have energy points. What is this style?" he said to himself.

The five Sukarsa's figures were getting closer, without warning they immediately launched an attack on Lang. Like fighting the shadows in the mist, the young man returned to using the power of his sword so that he could see the enemy's slower movement. But this time is different, even though it has use it, the fifth movement of Sukarsa is hard to predict.

"Die, boy!" shouted Sukarsa increasingly brutal. Sukarsa and his four clones managed to corner Lang, leaving a scar on the young man's cheek. Not without a fight, when he was cornered, Lang launched the Sword Style: Dark Stab which killed one Sukarsa clone. Unfortunately, the clone reappeared moments later like Killer Shadows. Lang's long-range attacks using Darkness Splits Silent were also unable to conquer Sukarsa.

Lang's confusion was used by Sukarsa to destroy it. The General of the Valley Kingdom managed to hurt several parts of the Black Crow boy's body. Lang's breathing was getting heavier, his spiritual energy was running out, "This is much more difficult than before, if I can't kill him one by one then the answer is .." he muttered.

The Black Crow boy's gaze sharpened, he poured the Black Sword energy into his body until all parts of his eyes turned black and his body was enveloped in black fiery aura. He put his sword in the receptacle on the left waist, his feet made a stance, Lang let the five Sukarsa surround him. Seeing his enemy locked up, Sukarsa thought about releasing his ultimate attack. He and his four clones aimed their swords at Lang and then released the Killer Five-Soul Style.

However, at the same time, Lang also released a Sword Style: Circle of Death. A style capable of stopping time and space within its circle. The enemies within his range were unable to move, they seemed to have entered a mirror that was slowly breaking. Where the fragments gave shreds to they body who in the mirror.

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The fight finally ended, as if Sukarsa's body had been hit by dozens of slice. All four of his clones disappeared, leaving his original body nearly chopped up. He then uttered his last words, "Master, you are right. In the end I was the one who was killed".

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  1. Waahh sukarsa akhirnya mati juga ditangan Lang..

    Meski awalnya ia merasa paling tangguh dan mampu menandingi Lang.

    Lalu kejadian apa yang akan terjadi pada istana yang sudah porak porandak itu. Apakah Lang akan mendapatkan lawan lebih tangguh lagi. Atau mungkin Selen akan datang menemuinya...😊😊

    Nantikan kisah selanjutnya setelah pesan2 berikut ini.😊😊

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  3. Woahh this story is intense because of this black shadow.

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