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The Black Crow Chapter 17 (END): The Truth


A young man kept trying to move his feet even though several wounds were attached to his body. The bloods on his shirt did not dampen the spirit of the Black Crow boy. With his Black Sword as holding, he continued to walk even though limping.

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The fight against a general had exhausted all of his strength. However, her strong determination didn't make her back down in the slightest. Before his eyes was a door high and wide, as if it had been waiting for him for a long time. Bright candlelight was clearly visible from the room.

Without hesitation, he then entered that room, which was the gathering place for all the important people of the Valley Kingdom. However, this time the room contained only a king accompanied by one bodyguard. King Valkon did not hesitate to greet that guest who had ruined his palace.

"Finally the time has come. Welcome the son of Jiggz Jingga, Welang Sengit" exclaimed the king. The opening sentence from the ruler of the Valley Kingdom took Lang by surprise. The Black Crow boy eyes were widen, his hand that was holding the sword was unable to support his body. The young man bent his knees while controlling his very heavy breath. His eyes were half dark trying to see a figure sitting on a throne.

"You .. you .. how do you know the real names of my father and me?" Lang said questioningly. "Who are you .. why do you know that name !!" he shouted.

"Regarding that, because your father is my friend" replied King Valkon. "What .. what are you saying ?! Friends .. friends? What friends! You destroyed him, his family, everything !!" Lang replied loudly with falling down tears.

"Let me tell you everything, after that you can cut off my head." said the king. The guard beside him was shocked to hear the king's statement, "Your Majesty what did you say." said the loyal guard named Garet Regin.

"Garet, it's time for me to explain everything. Let this little bird choose his path. Please listen, Welang." said King Valkon. His bodyguard only bowed and obeyed after nodding his head. "I hope you don't brag because my anger has run high," Lang said.

"Ten years ago, this kingdom only consisted of ordinary soldiers and peasants. What would this country be like if it didn't have an army leader. Because of it, we then looking for someone capable of leading an army. Someone capable of fighting." King Valkon opens the story.

"I then invited your father, Jiggz Jingga, to the palace, I offered him the position of general. But to my surprise, he refused and said that the Black Crow will always help the kingdom," continued the king with a gloomy face. "This weak country was saved several times by the Black Crow clan, but your father still refused to become a general. He was considered my friend. And when you were born, I was invited to the Inner Valley Village. That's why I know your real name." he said.

"One year later, I appointed someone to position of jenderal. He is Sukarsa, he is a student of your grandfather." said the king. Hearing this, Lang's gaze grew wild, "No way!" he said disbelief.

"The disaster started, apparently his power has surpassed my power as king. If only I had the strength to stop it, maybe the tragedy eight years ago will never happen. I really regret what I have done." said King Valkon holding back tears.

"Even though all these crimes were committed under Sukarsa's order, the kingdom still has to bear it." said the king. "Sukarsa, has had everything, after what all happened ... hmm I understand." said Lang.

"You may have got the answer, why did Sukarsa do all that ... And, punish me now, Welang, I am very ashamed of your father and myself. I failed to repay every kindness of the Black Crow clan." said King Valkon, bowing languidly.

"Stupid, you are indeed a weak king but it seems people like to you. Keep on living, I will be a shadow of the punishment if you fail to prosper the people. Ahh .. after all I can't swing my sword anymore. Selen must have been waiting for me, I hope she's fine. . " said Lang who then left the room.

The king who heard Lang's words immediately sobbed, "He looks like you Jingga, you have a great son." 

Slowly but surely, Lang finally got to the place where Selen was fighting. There looked his friend sitting against the wall with a languid face and body. Meanwhile, on the other side, another woman looks limp.

"Selen, are you okay? Everything is finished. Let's go." said the young man as he stretched out his right hand. The woman he greeted smiled and embraced the warm hand of the man. Embracing each other, they then left that messy palace.


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  1. Akhirnya raja Valkon tidak jadi dibunuh Lang setelah tahu bawa sang raja adalah teman ayahnya...Dan Lang Cuma mengintimidasi agar sang raja kelak harus bisa membuat hidup makmur rakyatnya..😊😊😊

  2. Sudah beberapa kali mampir ke sini terutama ttg cerita ini. Akh tetap gak mudeng saya.. btw sudah full approve ya Mas?

  3. Jadi, si Lang ini anak dari Jingga ..
    Tepatnya nama kepanjangannya Jingga siapa ya, mas ..., ?.
    Bukan Satria Jingga yang dulu keingetan pernah ada nama itu, selain Satria Salju dan Satria Mwb [alias pengomentar nomor urut 1, hihihi] ..

    Mengharukan baca di akhir kalimat ... mereka berpelukan.
    Rasanya jadi pengin berpelukan juga, deh tapii .. sama siapa ?, huhuuu .., *nangis bombay

  4. Akhirnya kisah si gagak hitam berakhir dengan ending yang cukup berkesan.

  5. Many thanks for this, my friend...it has been fascinating to read, from the beginning to the end.
    Very enjoyable!😊😊

    Greetings from England 🙏🙏

  6. Ternyata king valkon tidak tegas jadinya terjadi bencana ini. Coba kalo saat itu raja valkon meminta bantuan Sinto gendeng untuk menghentikan sukarsa, tentu tragedi ini tidak terjadi dan ayah Lang masih hidup.

    Akhirnya raja Valkon memutuskan untuk berhenti menjadi raja dan beristirahat. Namanya berubah menjadi balkon.😆

  7. Wah tamat ya, raja mengakui kelemahannya dan tampaknya Lang memaafkannya meski pernah menganu ayahnya.

    Terus si Lang dan Selena mau kemana tuh, pacaran ya hihi

    1. Di versi indo, komenku diatas blg "hihi" versi ingrisnya berubah jadi "huh", sepertinya kata hihi gak bisa diterjemahkan 🤣🤣

    2. wkwkwk hihi masa ga bisa

      nah penasaran kah kelanjutannya?