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Rare Bamboo Ashtray that Burning

Rare Bamboo Ashtray

The cold night was dotted with drizzling rain left over from a raging heavy rain. The lights of motorized vehicles also added to the art of that night which was quite spine-chilling. Needless to say, the calves and arms were already shaking frozen first.

As a remedy on a dark night, a cup of brewed coffee is accompanied by filter cigarettes that are ready to be smoked. Of course, a legendary ashtray was also present to enliven that ordinary night. Ah.. a beautiful night though not be as beautiful as seeing you, someone's lover.

The smoker was casually enjoying every puff and smoke of his cigarette. Rare bamboo ashtrays that are rarely seen by your eyes, ready to accept every beat of wasted fire powder. It's an ordinary moment but can't be called ordinary.

Cigarettes change cigarettes, the bamboo ashtray faithfully accompanies the smoldering hot fire. The little charcoals didn't hurt the traditional bamboo thing at all. If it is life, perhaps it would be very happy to be used by its master. A priceless feeling is when you are useful to someone.

From these small things we can learn that to be able to feel a good life, you don't need to need something big.

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  1. setelah diterjemahkan....ternyata puitis parah...ah memang maa ntan jagonya kalau udah bikin kata kata indah dan manis ☺

  2. aku kok pingin belajar bahasa Inggris ya, biar bisa bikin kata kata indah dan penuh filosofis hoho