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Bintaro Fruit, Rat Repellent Fruit

Bintaro fruit

Not many people know about bintaro fruit, a fruit whose name is similar to a place in Indonesia. And his name was mentioned in a legendary song by a famous singer, Iwan Fals, 1910.

Bintaro fruit is round, green in color when it is young, and will turn red when ripe, even the skin will peel off leaving the inner fiber skin.

Reportedly, this one fruit is able to repel mice in the house. You simply put the ripe bintaro fruit in a place where that rodent often appears.

After being traced from various sources, it turns out that Bintaro fruit contains poison which of course even animals don't like it. This is also a concern so you have to be careful with the sap.

Based on my experience, this fruit that is difficult to rot is indeed quite helpful in restraining the movement of mice. One, two days the mice looked reduced in number after I put them in several places.

But there was a time when a mouse seemed to passing the fruit without any fear. I was so surprised, I began to ask questions, is this fruit really efficacious? or just a myth?

Even so, I still believe this fruit is still effective in repelling mice. But with a different way, that is be throw!

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  1. harusnya aku petik nih buah ya mas ntan...soalnya di gorong gorong atau parit suka nemu tikus yang agak semok gitu..kalau malam keliaran dan numpang ndekem di teras huhuhu...ternyata di dalamnya ada zat racunnya ya. Baru tau aku ☺

  2. Haha.. we have it here too but it is called pong pong. The fruits look really glossy and smooth when young and the small white flowers are very pretty. But I didn't know it was poisonous!

  3. Oalah, jadi buah itu yg namanya buah Bintaro, deket kantorku banyak bgt pohonnya. Aku excited bgt mau praktekin kalau beneran ampuh buat tikus, lagi banyak tikus di rumah soalnya mas, thank you ilmunya ya mas Intan

  4. ini mama kenal buahnya, nama dia bintaro ye

  5. Wahh baru tau ada buah ini di Indonesia

  6. Wah, mau coba juga nih. Dimana ya cari buahnya?