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A Week that Stabbed the Ribs

 Wake up

Wake up in the morning, look at phone, look at the clock, look at the ceiling, your dream still looks, see the shadow and go back to sleep. Maybe it is part of your routine in the world. A homework that is difficult to do if you are not serious.

Be proud of you who are able to wake up early every day. And have fun you who live pseudo dreams in the morning, because I know although you wake up your life is still fake.

For those of you who have had a healthy morning with quite a bit of effort, it seems that there is a new trial that challenges your hard work in the morning. It was a sharp cold that pierced the ribs.

Apart from heavy eyes, the temptation of having sweet dreams (especially when you have a wet dream), the day is still dark, now your challenge is increased by the cold temperature over the past week.

Cold air in the morning is actually nothing new, because morning in Indonesia has always been cold to the point that it can make the water in your bath as cold as snow in Japan. But this time is different.

In the last few days, extreme weather has occurred in Indonesia, especially in the western part of Java. The air that blows from morning to night feels colder than usual, coupled with the rain that sometimes accompanies it.

Even so, no matter how cold the wind blows, no matter how great the temperature, even though it can penetrate your ribs, it may reach your heart. For lazy people, everything is meaningless, everything is ordinary, because from the past until now, whether it's hot or cold, sleeping in the morning is very enjoyable and hard to leave.

Are you one of them?

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  1. cuaca yang ngeri-ngeri sedap
    yang menimbulkan hati selalu was-was
    semoga semuanya baik baik saja
    tahun baru, saya hanya rebahan saja, karena gerimis mengundang

  2. memang hampir tiap pagi selalu adem mas intan, sore juga sih di tempatku hujan. Tapi ga pernah bisa tidur siang...tidur rutin jam 9 malam bangun pagi pagi jam 5 buat subuhan abis itu aktipitas kayak biasanya...

    tapi btw jadi ngakak baca yang dalam kurung itu hhahahhah

    1. berarti mbakbul org yang sangat konsisten, pertahankan mbak. yg dalam kurung jangan dibayangin haha

    2. pagi pagi apalagi hujan itu bikin mood jadi baik mas....memang sih hawa kasur memanggil manggil terus...kadang kalau pengen bubuk, yang penting subuhan dulu abis itu balik ke kasur sejam deh...ntar jam 6 atau setengah 7 bangun lagie...huhu

    3. kok kayak saya, abis subuh tidur lagi wkwk

  3. Kalau saya rutin bangun tidur jam empat paling mau lewat cuma satu jam setelah itu langsung aktivitas. Kecuali hari libur setelah subuh biasanya saya tidur lagi dan bangun agak siang.

  4. Well, I am

    Being a lecturer who is mostly coming at the work only if there are classes, made me not a morning person (usually between 10.00 to 16.00). I sleep alot in the morning and always sleepy in the morning. Because I have been an active owl until 2 or 4 AM, playing online games or watching anime ahahahaha

    What a life

    Btw it's colder too lately in Padang city
    I wear jacket almost everyday

  5. Aku morning person banget sih mas. Abis subuh, ya langsung bangunin anak2 prepare mereka buat sekolah 😄. Anak2 selesai, masih ada anak bulu diurus 😁.

    Kalo traveling pun aku susah bangun siang. Malah rugi lah. Justru selalu pagi supaya bisa banyak datangin tempat wisata 💃

    1. beruntung banget dan bangga sekali bisa terbiasa bangun pagi ,