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Bad Habits Blame Satan


It is undeniable that the devil is a creature destined to be guilty. Whatever he does is always wrong in the eyes of humans. Because of the bad reputation of the devil, it is as if the bad things that humans do are equated with the devil.

There is a saying that humans can be worse than demons and can be nobler than angels. How could that be? Because although without seduce by devil, humans still can fall into sin.

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If you are a Muslim, you must have heard the phrase that all demons during the month of Ramadan will be imprisoned. But why during that time there were still many Muslims who made mistakes.

In that holy month it is very clear that Muslims are required to restrain their thirst, hunger and lust start from sunrise to sunset. What does it mean? Human's greatest enemy is actually not the devil but his own lust.

But yes, after all, this has become a tradition, and tradition is indeed difficult to replace, but it is still possible to repair, if we have pure intentions.

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Traditions or bad habits of blaming or slandering the devil for our sinful or wrong actions are quite wrong. In fact, if we look more closely, the demons don't need to be blamed anymore, in fact they are already on the wrong path.

We should introspect ourselves, why do we make mistakes, if it is because we are tempted by the devil's whispers, why can we be deceived?

A scholar said "Lust is within us, while Satan is outside of us. And the most dangerous thing is if Satan collaborates with lust.".

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