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Small Kindness Is Like Dust on Asphalt


Maybe you've often heard the saying or snippet from the scriptures that says "Which other favors do you lie". The sentence is like perfume carried by the wind in the daytime. The scent is pungent but momentary.

They realized how nice it was to inhale the perfume even for a moment. It's just, they don't seem to care who the owner of the fragrance is, because they think it's just a moment, it's tasteless. Just imagine if they smell carrion. Just a little will be sought until the roof of the house is explored.

That's the picture of a small kindness, like dust on the asphalt. There are many but not visible. Constantly felt by your nose through the wind but never felt.

In fact, kindness starts from small things, although small kindness is never considered as kindness. Believe that you will get a greater good than that.

How can we do big things, just small things, we haven't done yet.

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  1. Mas Ntan akhire nulis juga...

    yuk mas intan, mari kita berbuat hal hal baik walaupun dimulai dari hal kecil. Karena niscaya dari hal kecil akan menjadi hal besar pula pada akhirnya jika dilandasi dengan ketulusan dan iklas hati...

    ya biarpun kadang apa yang kita lakukan karena saking kecilnya terkadang ga dianggap...🥺

    1. setuju mbak mbul, yg penting ikhlas.

      kebetulan aja ini ada chance buat nulis